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In recent years, the cleaning industry has been going through changes in terms of how cleaning companies go about their business. There has been an increased focus on how companies can provide a safer work environment for their cleaners, how they can incorporate technology into their business for efficiency, and how they can positively impact the environment. These three trends have proven to be the driving force for the attractiveness of cleaning companies and puts them in position to function smoothly without having to deal with as many problems a poorly functioning company will face.


Health & safety

The implementation of health and safety measures has always been key for cleaning businesses. However, it has recently been pushed to a new level of importance. This is due to the observation that the state of a work environment plays a huge role in whether current employees want to stay with a company or if people would like to work there to begin with. Companies with safe work environment have proven to have a competitive advantage over companies that don’t.

A dangerous work environment contributes to an increase of accidents and injuries among staff. This could range from spillages causing burns and irritation, using heavy machines and equipment incorrectly causing strains, and untidy work areas causing slips, trips, and falls. These incidents are not only bad for staff, but also for management as it will result in low levels of morale and productivity. There’s also the chance of companies facing injury related compensation claims, which can add to company costs. For companies to protect their business, they must protect their team.


More and more customers are demanding the companies make sustainability efforts. They now expect companies to offer more environmentally friendly solutions and display them so customers can see. Building a company making sustainability efforts can be cheaper in the long run and increase customers adding to companies’ success.

Businesses across all industries are facing more and more backlash because of their environmental status. But there’s a few things cleaning companies can do to avoid this including tracking the levels of plastics used, and the consumption of energy water, and chemicals. Customers are proven to trust the companies that document this data. This data shouldn’t just be tracked, companies should work to limit them. This could be done by recycling and extending the life of cleaning equipment which is also cost effective.


Another trend that is soon to be pivotal in the cleaning industry is the use of high-end technology such as robotic cleaning solutions. Companies are looking for a more autonomous approach as a means of having an alternative for a lack of staff. This could drive efficiency and save time. Should companies decide to implement robotic cleaning solutions, they must balance the cost of technology with cost of labour as this solution is expensive.

This trend could help staff by saving them some time and allowing them to focus on tasks that robotics cannot perform such as manual handling. Robotics could also help companies who are dealing with a shortage of workers and even protect the workers, as these machines can work in hazardous conditions. These machines have the ability to clean at any time of the day and clean exceptionally well optimising a company’s operations. Due to the evolution of technology, we can expect this solution to become cheaper and more accessible overtime.

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