Feng Shui

Over 3000 years ago in China, the practice of Feng Shui was developed. Considered an art with a base in science this practice enables you to subtly enhance your life and surroundings by creating a balance of energy in your space. Feng Shui is believed to impact health, wealth, and happiness by using tools and placement of furniture in specific areas of the home.

While understanding the complexities of this ancient practice takes many years to learn, there are fundamental tools which we can all use that can impact us when it comes to balance and energy cleansing. These tools are used to “cure” negativity and achieve harmony at both work and home. The nine common tools used by Feng Shui practitioners include:


The Light tool can be attained from full spectrum light bulbs or fireplaces and candles which create natural light and heat. You can even get it from daylight. An environment with adequate lighting can help create a balance in energy and prevent dead space. The positioning of all elements in Feng Shui is based on the compass and how that impacts issues such as lack of creativity, spiritual growth, and poor relationships, and career. A fireplace might need to be placed against a particular wall for the light to be useful, and lamps may need to point in specific corners to avoid dark and energy heavy areas.

Wind sensitive objects

Objects that react to the wind are often used to move positive chi around your home or work. Chi is known as the vital life force or spiritual energy that allows you to become stronger physically and mentally. It also makes you energised and revitalised. Cultivating your chi improves your overall health and wellbeing.

The placement of such objects such as wind chimes, mobiles, whirligigs, banners, and flags will depend on the issues you have been experiencing. They are also used to mark missing areas of the bagua (eight areas).


Sometimes specific sounds are used to help balance the energies of the home and change the atmosphere. This can be seen with wind chimes, and metal chimes as they call the chi in your home and work environment. Music is also a powerful way in which the chi can be uplifted. It is known to decrease stress in any environment especially your home or office.


Water is considered a living body that also brings movement and life to a room. Water can change energies as they pass through the shape of the liquid. Fish tanks are considered soothing and nurturing, so this is also something that could be recommended particularly if there has been something distressing in the recent past such as very bad news. Water fountains and waterfalls are equally applicable as they stimulate the transmission of chi in and around your home. It is crucial to choose a sound of water that is pleasing rather than unnerving.

Living Organisms

An addition, active chi could come from organisms including plants and animals. Dried flowers are to be avoided as they represent dead energy which can negatively affect chi. Plants help remove carbon dioxide and reconnect people to the outside world and nature. Individual plants in the bedroom are thought to contribute to better sleep. Animals such as pets can increase positive chi as long as pet cages and sleeping areas are kept clean.


The colours we choose in our homes have more of an impact than you might realise on the energy that surrounds the room. Colour is thought to add context to our lives. As humans, we tend to associate certain moods with colours. Feng shui is used to represent and balance the 5 elements. Each element has an associated colour in Feng Shui so if one element is considered to be on the downside, using the corresponding colour might help.


Mirrors can be used to create the illusion of space. The correct placement and shape of any mirror used is essential. They can also be used as a defence to deflect any negative energy away from you. Mirrors can also be used inside your house to reflect a pleasant view or to symbolically correct the shape of a wall or move it completely. Interestingly enough, they can be used to deflect a structure that represents negativity or an unpliant object.


Crystals can be hung strategically around a room to draw energy from the earth. Many people favour a clear crystal attached in a window to cast rainbows around the room when the light hits. As a result, the crystal attracts the sparkle from the sun and its full colour spectrum into your place. The crystals can help people feel grounded and provide a sense of comfort as they represent energy from deep within the earth.


From sculpture to painting and textiles and anything in between, the correct placement of art in a room can enhance the chi of the space and change the energy. Make sure that the art that is selected is a reflection of positive images and emotions. Where you choose to place your artwork is your choice. However, it should depend on the area of the feng shui bagua that you would like to enhance.


Feng shui is a means of making adjustments to our home in order to provide optimum comfort and nurturing of the mind and body. This body of knowledge teaches people to achieve harmony within certain environments and to influence interactive energies to improve in specific areas of life.

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