The benefits of using a steam cleaner

Updated: Jul 27

Steam cleaners are cleaning appliances that use steam to sanitise, clean and dry many surfaces. Steam cleaners contain boilers used to heat up tap water to high temperatures which in turn creates water vapour. When steam cleaners are used properly, it could remove up to 99.9% of bacteria. It is a natural way to clean homes, offices, and many other places. Not to mention its use is eco-friendly.

How do steam cleaners work?

When a steam cleaner is used on a specific surface and the vapour is released, the vapour molecules penetrate the pores of the surface forcing the removal of stains, grease, and general dirt. The steam is at a very high temperature at 118°C (depending on which steam cleaner is in use). As a result, it can kill germs, bacteria, dust mites, mold, and many more using just hot water. It also has the ability to remove chemical films left of surfaces by other cleaning products.

How to use a steam cleaner effectively

First, remove built-up dirt on the surface that is to be cleaned. Doing so will allow the steam to have full contact with the area to be cleaned.

Steam cleaners are equipped with multiple accessories that are designed to target certain parts of the home e.g., floor tools, crevice tools etc. Using the correct accessory will ensure maximum exposure to the intended target. The steam must make contact with the surface before the steam dissipates.

Make sure you take safety precautions. Injuries could occur during the use of a steam cleaner such as burns. During use, make sure you do not touch the machine. The only part that could be touched during use is the handle and tools etc. The machine should also not be touched immediately after use and should be given time. Even though the cleaner releases vapour it could still manage to penetrate the first layer of our skin and may develop into severe burns if it reaches the lower layers of skin.

Take your time when using the machine. The vapour needs a certain amount of time for exposure to get the best results. Exposure time should last for approximately 20-30 seconds.

After steam cleaning is done, it leaves the surface with a layer of hot water which still has the bacteria, stains, and dirt that was once stuck on the surface, but is now loosened from the surface. This area should then be vacuumed so it can be eliminated completely.

Wear personal protective equipment for the simple possibility of spray -back. Spray-back tends to occur when you are too close the area you are cleaning. This could result in burns if correct PPE isn’t worn.

Uses of steam cleaners at home

1) Cleaning Grout

A steam cleaner would be useful in the cleaning of grout as the machine will blast dirt, gunk, and stains away.

2) Cleaning tall/high objects

Steam cleaner can eliminate the need for ladders as one of the accessories that come with the steam cleaner is a long wand. Tall or high objects include ceiling fans and shelves.

3) Sanitising touch points

Steam cleaners operate at high temperature and can disinfect touch points such as door handles and light switches. Use low moisture when cleaning electrical appliances such as light switches.

4) Cleaning cooking/grilling areas

Steam cleaners are the perfect tool to use when cleaning cooking appliances. It can remove old and tough dirt and burned food without the use of harsh chemicals.

5) Refreshing furniture

Most people don’t realise how dusty furniture can get, whether it is your sofa or your chairs. With the use of your upholstery attachment that comes with the steam cleaner remove dirt and dust. The steam cleaner can also clean fabrics and cushions.

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