The Manchester Cleaning Show 2022

Self-driving floor scrubbers, the demystification of “Greenwashing” and a disinfectant that continues to protect for 7 days after its first application is just a few of the things you missed at this year’s Cleaning Show!

The Manchester Cleaning Show is jointly owned by the British Cleaning Council and Quartz Business Media, publisher of Cleaning & Maintenance magazine (C&M). The Cleaning Show is the largest series of events serving the UK's cleaning and hygiene industry and is held annually in Manchester and London alternatively. It attracts over 3,000 attendees from Cleaning Businesses, Local & Regional Government Authorities, Hospital & Healthcare Facilities and more.

Below is some of the most interesting stalls we saw at this years Cleaning Show:


Most of what was on offer were variations of cleaning chemicals, floor scrubbers and software however with growing concern about the air quality in schools, seeing the Camfil stall was definitely a breath of fresh air.

Camfil is a leading manufacturer of premium clean air solutions including HEPA filters, air purifiers and HVAC air filters. They were showcasing their City Air Purifiers. By using a combination of both HEPA and Molecular filters, the City range both collects small particles in the environment (including pollen) and can remove odours. The Absolute HEPA filter is EN1822:2019 Certified to ensure optimal performance while the Molecular filter is tested to ISO 10121.

Their advanced air filters have been subject to rigorous testing and they claim to have the certificates to prove it (was told to ask for certificate of testing when purchasing HEPA filters).

With their smaller, domestic model fetching a cool £500 and their larger commercial model costing around £3,000 these could be a great investment for spaces that struggle with air pollution.


SoluPak are experts in water soluble products and are accredited by Cruetly Free International (formally known as the BUAV) and Ecolabel (where applicable). Their entire range is vegan. Their smaller pack sizes reduce transport and logistics costs and demands very little closet space.

SoluPak have one of the most extensive range of cleaning sachets that I am yet to come across so worth further investigation if your business is looking to reduce its use of plastics or free up some closet space.

Aeris guard

Another impressive product was the Aeris Active™ Broad-spectrum disinfectant cleaner. This is a powerful disinfectant which claims to protect against COVID-19 for 7 days. Its long-term microbial control and patented quat-polymer provides an invisible protective film, which ensures that your surfaces remain germ free. It is powerful enough to tackle mould and can prevent the regrowth of mould for 30 days. Aeris is an Australian company with many accreditations.


This demonstration showed that the future is already here. It is hard to believe that the beginning of the last century we saw the invention of the vacuum and a century later we have large floor cleaning machines that are capable of cleaning 1000s of square feet in an hour without the need for a human to operate it. If you don’t believe it, check out the video below to see the machine at work.

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