What is Femtech?

The Femtech industry is a range of software and tech-enabled products and services that are designed to support women’s health. While some people like to view skincare & beauty products as part of the femtech industry, most people believe femtech start-ups are only for products and services which target medical needs. This is because it is under the health technology sectors.

Throughout history women’s health needs have been systemically excluded in the health care industry. Femtech is designed to highlight and tackle this problem by producing targeted solutions for those needs.

Femtech focuses on addressing the experience of women and their medical needs. Technology within this sector targets:

· Menstrual cycle tracking

· Period care products

· Menopause

· Fertility & reproductive health

· Birth Control

· Pregnancy & post pregnancy

· Breast Feeding

· Health care and diagnostics

· And general health and wellness

The term Femtech was coined in 2016 by the CEO of clue (a period tracking app) Ida Tin, as a means of legitimising the market of technology in women’s health. In the hopes of future investments and advancements in the sector.

5 femtech companies that are improving health care for women include:

1) Ava

Ava accurately predicts a woman’s next fertile window and ovulation via a sensor bracelet designed to be worn at night. Ava is the ideal technology for woman who are trying o get pregnant and understand their body better.

2) Bloomlife

Bloomlife provides accessories/wearables such as a lightweight patch which can track contractions, foetal heart rate and movements and maternal health for pregnancy, and data analytics to allow doctors and parents to detect and act in the case of any complications within the pregnancy. It is designed to create prenatal care and enhance the health of mothers as well as babies.

3) Flo.Health

Powered by AI, Flo.Health is a women’s health platform which incorporates precise cycle predictions, personalised health advice daily, and a community of peers and specialists. This platform fulfils the needs for all types of women.

4) Woom

Woom is a data science for the health of women from 25 years old. It allows women to navigate menopause and better understand their cycle and their body up to 55 years. Woom allows women to make the best decisions regarding their reproductive health while providing data and advice.

5) Kindbody

Kindbody is a tech company specialising in women’s health which was created to provide services and treatments regarding fertility. As it facilitates the enhancement of women’s overall wellbeing it also offers in-vitro fertilisation, egg and embryo freezing, and donor support. They also provide nutrition, and mental wellness options.

The founder of the phrase “Femtech” Ida Tin says, “My hope is that Femtech will keep being a driver for improving wellness, health, and women’s lives in general and that we will see big commercial successes in the category too, fulfilling the huge economic potential that exists in femtech”.

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